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A Quantitative Finance Consulting Firm

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Geodesic Solutions is a quantitative finance consulting firm based in Short Hills, New Jersey.  We are a growing group of experienced quantitative professionals who have worked in buy-side, sell-side, and exchange based quantitative risk and trading roles. Founded in 2016, we have worked together with clients including family offices, small and mid-sized hedge funds, large sell-side institutions, and rating agencies to design tailored solutions for their technical problems.  We are presently expanding our consulting services outside the finance domain.

Our Process

Listen and Identify 

We listen to your challenges and isolate and identify your issue

Brainstorm Solutions
Solutions are brainstormed with a focus on simplicity and maintainability
Model Development 
We develop a custom solution for your problem
We implement your solution and integrate into your platform
We iterate this process until
arriving at your desired result
Maintain Software
We maintain and extend your solution as needed


Python Instruction: Developing custom Python training sessions for teams looking to incorporate Python into their workflow

Refactoring/Profiling: Runtime and memory profiling software and refactoring for both performance and clarity purposes

Model Validation: Providing code review, model validation, documentation consistency checking, and associated united testing 

Trading Strategy Optimization: Parameterizing and optimizing your trading strategies with an emphsis on controlling for overfitting

Risk/Performance Metric Development: Implementing customized risk and performance metrics, e.g. Monte Carlo based trading strategy quantile rankings with respect to randomly generated portfolios

Derivative Pricing and Risk:  Developing financial derivative valuation and risk techniques

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Managing Partner
Steve Taylor is on the finance faculty of the New Jersey Institute of Technology and has previously taught quantitative finance, statistics, and data science courses for NYU, The University of Chicago, and MIT graduate students.  He has worked in the finance industry for 11 years focusing on capital allocation and the development of hedging strategies and risk analytics primarily for buy-side firms.  He presently owns and operates Geodesic Solutions, a quantitative finance consulting firm, and is a co-founder and actively engaged in the development of multiple financial technology and social impact startup ventures.
Justin Kirkby
Justin Kirkby is a finance professional with more than eight years of industry experience, spanning quantitative finance, machine learning / data science, and software development. He specializes in building scalable financial systems, securities valuation, and statistical analysis. His experience covers most major financial asset classes (equities, interest rate markets, foreign exchange, commodities, energy, and insurance). He has overseen numerous successful production launches, from derivatives valuation models to predictive machine learning engines. He holds a PhD in Operations Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology, as well as degrees in economics and mathematics. He has published over 35 papers in top quantitative journals, and two book chapters and referee for over 50 journals. 
Broader Team:
We maintain a team of approximately thirty quantitative analysts who work on problems specified by our clients as needed, who largely include family offices, hedge funds, asset management institutions, rating agencies, and banks. 
Email Contact Information:

Name: Steve Taylor




Geodesic Solutions

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